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3. Joining Reading Cricket Club

Hello, we are delighted that you are interested in joining us! We aim to provide a sporting and social environment for all to enjoy the wonderful game of cricket. Whether you are looking to play competitive cricket, have never played before, are returning to cricket after a break, are looking for a supportive club environment in which to perfect your skills, or are just a keen cricket supporter, we are sure that we can meet your needs.

Why Cricket?
You may have never played cricket before but think it looks like a fun competitive sport to try. You may have tried cricket at school but not pursued playing at a club before. Even if you have terrible memories of school cricket, playing in the cold on a muddy pitch, you realise that club cricket can be a completely different experience, filled with fun times and new friendships.

We think cricket is great because:

  • It is a fast, technical game. You can learn the basics quickly, but it has so many nuances and different levels that you can still be honing your skills after decades of playing.
  • It is a fun and sociable team sport.
  • It is played at all ages. You can start at 6 and still be playing, even at quite a high level at 50.
  • It is played by both men and women. In addition to men’s and junior sides there are many social and competitive mixed sides.
  • It can be played outdoors or indoors.

Why Reading Cricket Club?

  • We are a large club with many teams, so we can offer you the appropriate level of cricket.
  • We have a large and well-appointed clubhouse and pavilion, with access to Sky Sports so that you can keep up with the latest sports viewing from around the world.
  • We take exceptional care of our two playing fields, our grass nets and artificial nets, so we can offer our members some of the best club playing and training facilities in the country.
  • Our membership covers a wide range of ages, and we offer a full youth section all the way up to veterans cricket.
  • We have a range of fun social events including a Players Dinner, an end-of-season Awards Dinner and monthly club nights.
  • With several senior and junior county players in the club, we have a proven track record of developing elite players without neglecting social players.
  • Our selection policy ensures that you won’t get stuck in a particular team and will have every opportunity to progress if you want to.
  • We have a fantastic selection of snacks and drinks available, as well as mouth-watering teas! During certain match days we also offer a selection of tasty hot food.

We provide top-quality training to our Colts and Seniors, and we dedicate a lot of thought and time each season to ensure that we have a fully structured training programme in place. All our coaches are ECB qualified. All Colts are given the opportunity to play games in the summer, while our winter and autumn net sessions provide ideal preparation for the summer matches.

Joining the team
To join Reading Cricket Club all you need to do is complete our online membership via our website and pay our annual membership fee.

We accept both playing and non-playing members and membership entitles you to use all of the club’s facilities, attend training, and take part in matches.

Your annual subscription covers use of the club’s facilities and all training sessions, while each game you play in will incur an additional match fee to cover pitch, travel and hospitality costs.

We hold training sessions weekly during the summer for all existing, new and prospective members who want to play competitive and social cricket at regional level or below. At these sessions, you’ll meet the other club members, enjoy a few friendly games of cricket, and also show off your talents to the team captains, who will then be able to select you into the appropriate squad.

How do I get involved?
The best way to get involved at Reading Cricket Club is to join our website so that you can receive information and updates directly from the club. If you also have further queries about the club you will be able to find the right person to talk to on our website.

Still not sure Cricket/Reading is right for me?
We know that playing a sport is a commitment of both time and money and that reading a few pages on a website does not really give you enough information to judge whether a club will be the right fit for you.

If you would prefer to come join us at a training session to get a feel for the club and its members then come to our next training session, details of our next training session can be found here.